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NPS Device Drive Thru Pick Up Schedule for Off- Site Digital Learners:

August 17th 12:30-3:30 -- @ STEAM (2219 Thorn St)

& @ NJHS (4208 Chieftain Ln)

August 18th 8:30-11:30 -- @ NHS (4207 Race St)

12:30-3:30 – @ FMSCM (2309 Fox Meadow Ln)

August 19th 8:30-11:30 -- @ UHSMA (3901 Aggie Rd)

12:30-3:30 – @ FME (2305 Fox Meadow Ln)

August 20th 8:30-11:30 -- @ UHE (300 Bowling Ln)

12:30-3:30 -- Open Pick up/Make up 

@ Support Service Bldg (formally known as the Pre K) - (2305 Promise Ln)



What is the first day for students? The official start for the school year is Monday, August 24. To ease the transition and assist students in learning new protocols, we are now planning a staggered start to the school year. We will use the following schedule for students to report to campuses:

 Monday, August 24          PreK Girls Only - 8:30 am

                                            Kindergarten Screening Girls Only (Last Name A-L)

                                            Grades 1- 6 Girls only      

                                            Junior High – 7th grade only

                                            High School – 9th grade only

Tuesday, August 25           PreK Boys Only - 8:30 am

                                             Kindergarten Screening Girls Only (Last Name M-Z)

                                             Grades 1- 6 Boys only     

                                             Junior High – 8th grade only

                                              High School – 10th grade only

 Wednesday, August 26      PreK – all students

                                              Kindergarten Screening Boys Only (Last Name A-L)

                                              Grades 1-6 - all students  

                                              Junior High – all students

                                             High School – 11th grade only

Thursday, August 27          PreK – all students

                                             Kindergarten Screening Boys Only (Last Name M-Z)

                                             Grades 1-6 - all students  

                                             Junior High - all students

                                             High School - 12th grade only

 Friday, August 28              PreK – all students

                                             Kindergarten – all Girls

                                             Grades 1-6 - all students  

                                             Junior High - all students

                                             High School - all students

Monday, August 31            PreK – all students

                                             Kindergarten – all Boys

                                             Grades 1-6 - all students  

                                             Junior High - all students

                                            High School – all students

  Tuesday, Sept. 1              PreK – all students

                                            Kindergarten – all students

                                            Grades 1-6 - all students  

                                            Junior High - all students

                                            High School – all students


Updated Information Posted!!!

A new FAQ page has been posted to our website with the latest information regarding the 2020-2021 school year. Please continue to visit the link below for the most current answers to all of your questions about returning to school.

Click here to access the FAQ page


Hello Band Parents and Families! 

We have directives for Return to Playing! Please familiarize yourself with this information. Information with how this will pertain to our Nettleton Bands will be shared in a Zoom Meeting on Tuesday, August 11th at 7 p.m. (link will be shared on Tuesday). 

I am going to share a couple of videos with instuctions for making masks and bell covers. We will need these for band members 7th - 12th grade as directives stand now. If you would be willing to make some of these for the band, please let me know. I will provide all material, notions and patterns.

We have extended our deadline to register for Digital Learning to July 24.  Anyone interested in this option, should sign up.  Should you change your mind once you have signed up for Digital Learning, you will have until August 17th to contact Shelly Dean at

Governor Hutchinson announced today that the start date for public schools will be moved back to August 24th. As further information becomes available, we will pass it on to you.

 Raider Community, 

We know that everyone has questions and concerns about the upcoming 2020 school year. We do too, and are committed to giving parents, students, and staff as much information as we can, when we know it. 

After receiving guidance and direction from the state, we are releasing our Preliminary Back to School Overview. In it you will find all the details about options for education at Nettleton Public Schools as we currently know them. You can access the Google Slide presentation here:

Also, we know there are some decisions we can’t make without input from our Raider Community. We will be holding a Virtual Public Forum Tuesday, July 14 at 6pm on Facebook Live. We will present what we know and answer questions via the chat feature. We have also set up a comment form where the community can ask questions or voice concerns. You can find that here:

We have also set up a Fall 2020 tab on our website where we will post information as we have it. 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this year. We will continue to do whatever it takes for every child. 



“Whatever it takes for every child.” We’ve made it our mission and marching orders.  It’s directed every decision we’ve made as a district.

Today, doing whatever it takes means making an unequivocal stand against racism. It means standing with our Black students, families, teachers, staff, and communities. 

We stand with you. We are behind you. We are for you. 

#blacklivesmatter #raiderpride

Parents and Students

The Home Access Center portal (HAC) has been turned back on.  Grades for the 2019-20 school year are available now.  The portal can be accessed on our website  Instructions are provided below.





Vision and Mission Statement

Whatever it takes for every child…


The mission of Nettleton School District is to provide an educationally progressive environment that is safe, diverse and accepting for all students.

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